Pigment – Flake powders are effect powders that you can mix with clearcoat, transparent paint or other transparent binders. Also suitable for our transparent plastic dip.

With these powders you can combine infinty and make each object unique!!

We have different unique effect powders in several colors:

* Thermochromic
* Photochromic
* Glow in the dark
* Chameleon
* Holographic
* Crystal Ghost Pearly
* Flake
* Aluminum
* Neon
* Intense Chroma
* Candy
* Laser Glitter


Thermochromic pigment is a temperature changing pigment power!!

The thermochromic pigment powder/ paint goes from colored or opaque state (when cold) to transparent and colorless when the temperature is equal to or higher than that for which it is programmed.

This is reversible, which means that they will be re-colored and opaque when the temperature drops below the programmed temperature.

For most thermochromic pigment powders this is 30°C / 32°C

For example, when you provide your object with a beautiful hydrographics dipping and finish it with a clearcoat with black thermochromic powder then your object will be black. BELOW 32°C !!!
Becomes your object 32 ° C or hotter than the clearcoat is transparent and you will see your dipping appear.

You can perfectly combine it with hydrographics!


Photochromic pigment is a UV light (sunlight) changing pigment powder!!

The Photo pigment powder/ paint is colorless and transparent (when it is not exposed to UV light) and colored when it is exposed to UV light.

This is reversible, which means that it is again transparent and colorless, if it is not longer exposed to UV light. This phenomenon can occur several thousands of times.

For example, when you provide your object with a beautiful hydrographics dipping and finish it with red photochromic paint then you’ll see the dipping as it was.


However, if you expose your dipped object to the sun (UV light), then the object will receive a red glow. If it goes back in the shade than it changes again. So the dipping always stays a little visible !!

You can perfectly combine it with hydrographics!





Glow in the Dark pigment is a powder that can imits light in the dark!!

The Glow in the Dark pigment powder/ paint emits light in the dark, after it is charged. It needs to be charged with a light (UV light or other bright light).

 It can issue light for 10 hours without problems, which is dependent primarily on the charging time and on the amount of light it has received.

The brighter the light with wich you charge the paint, the lower the charging time; the longer the glow in the dark paint continues to give light in the dark.

You can perfectly combine it with hydrographics!


Chameleon pigment is a powder that has the power to change of color!!

It has the power to change of color depending on the viewing angle.
The intense iridescent colors and their pearly effect with their multiple colors shifts can create impressive visual effects. Because of the curves of an object, you can see several different colors at one glance.

We offer a variety of effect pigments colors.

Holographic pigments also called prismatic pigments have a colour-changing effect!!

The microscopic pigments constituting these remarkable paints reflect the light
and produce iridescent rainbow colours. They react like a prism: they split the
light in all the rainbow colours, from purple to red.

In the absence of light, the applied product has a silver grey appearance.
The colour reflection is visible only under direct light.





Crystal Ghost Pearl pigment is a powder that create astonishing “interference effect”!!

The crystal ghost pearl pigment powder/ paint is a transparent and invisible product and displays depending on where you stand an irisdescent colored interference reflect.

The powders are made of transparent particles, very pure and shiny, that produce colors with light reflection. The effect can be especially observed under a direct source of light, and even by night.

It gives a very beautiful ghost effect on light substrates!!



Flake pigments are flakes that are manufactured from very fine Polyester covered in
a layer of shiny metal, which makes them very resistant and ultra brilliant at the same time.

They are the most brilliant and bright Metal Flakes on the market. They are ultra thin. Easy to flatten and solvent resistant. The flakes are colorfast due to the UV coating.

Available in three different color effects!!


Aluminum pigment is a powder  that gives your item a unique aluminum look!!

The aluminum pigment powder/ paint creates an aluminum effect and by playing withe the mixing ratio/ background color you determine the desired appearance.
The powders are made of aluminum flakes and because of special treatment there are different colors available.




Neon pigment is a fluorescent powder that emits more light than it receives!!

The fluorescent powder/ paint emits more light than it receives and therefore they immediately capture the attention by day or in semi-darkness.

The strong reflection is achieved by the illumination of ultraviolet rays as occurring in daylight.


Intense Chroma pigment is a powder that is unique in their kind!!

The intense chroma serie powder/ paint provide an unique chroma effect.

Available in different chroma effect colors.





Candy pigment is a powder known by its extraordinary shades!!

The candy effect pigment powder/ paint create a visual impression of depth. With these pigment powders you are able to make unlimited color combinations.

You can endlessly combine with underground colors and effect lacquers, but also the layer thickness of the paint job shows different effects.

It can be combined with all other pigments and is also perfectly to combine with hydrographics!



Laser Glitter pigments are unique in their kind and cannot be compared to other glitters.

They provide a sensational glitter effect! These Laser Glitters have shimmers in multiple colors.

Available in different beautiful colors!




Make your object unique and order the products quickly and easily in our Webshop!!

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