Engels-vlag1nlPlacing an order at HG Dipping is easy and fast.

Order assist

Login or place a single order without HG Dipping account.

At HG Dipping you can choose to order from an account or without an account.
Creating an account has several benefits:

  • Your data will be stored. Therefore you can order easier next time because you do not have to re-enter your information.
  • You can track your orders and view all your bills again through your account.
  • Also, foreign companies (within the EU) order, after approval, without paying VAT. See steps below!
    1. Place an order and state your VAT number and company name.
    2. We will check your data and after approval we will send you a payment link through email.
    3. Once the payment has been received, we will process your order.
    4. If you have created an account, we will set up your account in such a way that from now on you can order and pay without VAT.

Choosing a product.

In our webshop you can find the product of choice in several ways. You can use our menu tree on the left, or you can use our search function at the top of the header. You can also search by article number (only in search shop). Do you know which product you want and you have found it? Click on the green order button. Now the desired product is in your shopping cart.

The shopping cart.

Do you want to know what’s in your basket? Click on the shopping cart on the right. You can see the products added, together with the quantities and price. If you click on the shopping cart you will end up in the cart.
In your cart, you can always adjust or remove product numbers.

Of course it is possible to continue to shop. Just click on our menu tree on the left.

Are you finished shopping and want to pay off? Click in your shopping car on ‘Next’.

Your address details.

In order to deliver the desired products, we need your address. If you rather want your products delivered at a different address, you can also indicated here.


At HG Dipping you can choose from several payment options. When you have filled in all the details, click on ‘Next’.

Check your order.

A mistake is easily made so please make sure to check all the data again.
Is everything correct? You can place your order by using the button ‘Send Order’.

Problems in ordering

Do you have problems with ordering or the payment is not carried out correctly, please contact us. info@hgdipping.nl


HG Dipping introduced a backorder system because we want to offer a wide range of prints, but are unable to have all of them in stock. If your order is not in stock, your order will be put on backorder.
Normally we buy once a month from the manufacturer. The order is placed the 25th of the month. Once the products are received by us, they are immediately processed and shipped. Usually we get the order at the end of the month and you will get it the first week of the new month.

We also have a couple of prints that we sell only if they are in stock. This is, of course, clearly indicated at the corresponding print.


When you like to have your products delivered faster, it is possible but we will charge a fee.
When Your order is partially in stock then it is also possible to immediately send the products that are in stock to you and send the rest later. The extra shipping costs are of course for you.
For more information contact us.

Normally backorders are delivered at the beginning of the month. You will be informed as soon as the packages are sent to you. Further information about shipping can be found under Shipping.

If you have questions about the backorder system, you can always contact us. info@hgdipping.nl

Change order

Always check carefully the order and data before finalizing the order. In our logistic systems orders are quickly processed. Therefore we are not always able to adapt an order.

We recommend to log on changes as soon as possible.

If the order has been processed, there are no more changes possible.

Cancel Order

If you wish to cancel an order, it is only possible if the order has not been processed.

We recommend to pass the cancellation as soon as possible.

If the order has already been processed you can, after receiving the package, request a return number to return the package to us. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

Pick up order

It is also possible to pick up products from us. This is only possible by appointment.

HG Dipping pichup address
Duizendblad 14
8607 EA Sneek

Pay attention:
– You can only pick up products from us.
– If you pay in cash, pay with the exact amount
– For advice or questions about your purchase, please contact us.

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